Monogram Etiquette

For a Married Couple

This monogram will contain the wife's first initial, the couple's last initial, and the husband's first initial, in that order. For example, Anna and Brent Cunningham's monogram would look like this:


For a Woman

This monogram will contain the woman's first initial, last initial, and middle initial, in that order. If she is married, the middle initial is traditionally her maiden name. For example, Danielle Elise Farrow's monogram would look like this:


For a Man

Monograms for men are slightly different than the traditional format for women. Most people prefer a man's monogram to contain the first initial, middle initial, and last initial, in that order. All initials will be the same size, unlike a woman's monogram where the last initial is slightly larger. For example, Gregory Henry Ingram's monogram would look like this:

It is also correct for a man's monogram to follow the standard format of first, last, and middle, although it is much less common.


For a Child

Traditionally, the same monogramming rules apply for children as for adults. Small children, both boys and girls, follow the standard first initial, last initial, and middle initial order. For example, Jacob Kenneth Lannom's monogram would look like this:

As he grows older, it will be more appropriate to move to the first, middle, and last initial order for his monogram.

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